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trekking trails in sri lanka




Not all hikes and treks have to be only about nature. Some treks in Sri Lanka offer a novel insight into some of the obscure remnants of Sri Lankan culture. One such trek is the Udagaldebokka trek. It centres around a lonely village that lies hidden under the shadow of the Kehelpathdoruwa mountain range. Cut off from the rest of the world by lofty mountains and unwelcoming jungle, the Udagaldebokka village is in many ways a place and a people lost in time. The villagers still genuinely stick to their old ways, and lead a simple life, closely bound with nature. They are wiser in their ways than we could imagine and a day spent with them would definitely be an eye-opening experience. Getting to the Udagaldebokka village is no easy task. You need to cross 8 km of dense jungle along walking trails to get here. As you near the village you will pass the fields where they cultivate their crops as well. There are less than 15 families living in Udagaldebokka amounting to less than a hundred people. Staying overnight with one of these families in their clay huts, and falling asleep on a straw mat after enjoying a delicious meal cooked on a woodfire stove is the highlight of the trek.

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