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One of the best things about sri lanka being a rather small country is that you can see much more in a little time. You don’t have to spend much time on road travelling one place to another even between northern point to southern point you can reach within half of day by road.

So another great reason why you should visit sri lanka is that basically you don’t have to decide whether you want to go on a beach vacation o an adventure vacation – you can both have in sri lanka. Within few hours of drive you can go beach side to hill county, wet zone to dry zone, province to province, rain forest to national park.

It’s also super easy to get around by public transportation such as buses and trains. If you want more comfort and time saving you can rent a Bick or car. If it is family trip o group vacation recommended getting transportation by local service with diver throughout you journey.
If you have well planned tour within 1weeks you can cover more than half of the island. 2weeks or more you can easily visit all over the island. For all your travel need contact www.ceylonsilkroute.com

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In 2023 sri lanka’s economy isn’t going well because of the covid pandemic affect and the political issues inflation of the country is in these days skyrocketing. But it is still very affordable to travel here as you are having a foreign currency.

Sri lanka food cost between $2-$2.5 per dish, a nice hotel room for two people often cost around $25$30. And you can easily take public transportation around the island with ticket around $0.5-$5 depending on class and distance. Sri lanka is great place to travel on more for few money.

Not only the budget options if you need more comfort and luxurious vacations Sri lanka has various type of tour planning companies and transportation services that create tailor made tours as your choice www.ceylonsilkoute.com . So being budget, midrange or luxurious your money will get you far in that range of choice. It’s such an excellent destination for everyone.

If you are travelling from Europe, U.S or U.K you will have huge buying power on this magical Island because of the exchange rate with rupees. $1 equal to more than 300 rupees in these days.


Sri lanka is tropical country situated in Indian ocean it has nick name called pearl of the Indian ocean. In this beautiful island has an average year temperature of 25-30°C in coastal area and 15-18 °C in the highlands.

Despite the small size of the country Si lanka experiences two monsoon seasons. However they affect different side of the county at different times, so it’s possible to visit all year and still experience good and sunny weather.

The south-west monsoon is usually between May and august, and the dry season for this region of the county is December to Mach. The northeast monsoon between October and January, and the dry season is between May and September. So with you travel time period you can choose which side of the country you need to go but whether if it is raining you can visit that part too.

The best time to travel srilanka is November to mid-April that is the peak season time of the county. If you prefer to travel when its less crowded and better value for money do consider about the other months also.

Weligama - Sri Lanka
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While you are travelling through the county Srilanka offer plenty of things to do any type of traveller weather you are on family trip, Honeymoon trip, group vacation or solo traveller. If you are nature lover you can visit National parks or rain forest srilanka has more than 20 national parks all over the island. If you are adventure lover you can do Hiking trekking, abseiling, paragliding, surfing, scuba diving kite surfing, kayaking, rafting, cave hunting. If you love to do sightseeing you can visit ancient kingdoms and their infrastructure ruins, temples, viewpoints, waterfalls, mountains, tea plantations, colonial era forts historical buildings, whale watching, epic train ride. Except all these if you need to stay leisurely you can have that too in srilanka.

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