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Experience typical Sri Lankan Authentic hospitality in real Sri Lankan manner. Budget friendly sustainable tour plan for your vacation.

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What is this Authentic Sri Lanka Tour ?

Inside a small island, there are lots of things to experience and feel. Let’s walk in a small paradise witch is full of nature, culture, History, art and hospitality. We are ready to give you the Different cultural, different regional, Geographical and different society experience.

Experience real authentic Sri Lankan way of life:

  • Stay with local family
  • Cook with locals
  • Try local special cousins
  • Do religious Activities
  • Pottery | farming | Fishing
  • Helping to natives
stay with local family

Stay with local family

Experience the true shape of the authentic lives of different rural families with the people who live in rural areas of sri lanka. We are ready to give you a genuine Sri Lankan experience by spending a few days with people who live in Sinhala farming family, A Tamil village family, A fishing family, A Hill country Hindu Family, A Muslim Farming Family and the local Vedda people.

preparing rice by a tourist

Cook with locals

Let’s find our own unique authentic Sri Lankan rustic flavor. In this small Island the cooking methods are huge and different. There are different ways’ of papering the some food. Also get the experience with them that how they are cooking and it will be a different , unforgettable memory for sure.

pottery in Sri Lanka

Pottery/ Farming/ Fishing

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to know and experience how their life struggle is like. And also this is a safe opportunity for you to learn about the hardships they experience in their daily life struggle, the society which built around it and live in it for a moment. We give you an opportunity to make something out of clay, work in a paddy field , weave a mat, weave a handloom sari using the machines an grind the finger millet(ragi). Come let s do it. This is us, who guide you to an authentic Sri lanka experience.

Not only in one place. This tour is minimum 3 Days. To get good experiences we recommend 15 days.


Typical Ceylon 15 Days 14 Nights tour in Sri Lanka
Typical Ceylon 15 Days 14 Nights

Transport /Accommodation/Guidance

Typical Ceylon 08 Days 07 Nights tour in Sri Lanka
Typical Ceylon 08 Days 07 Nights

Transport /Accommodation/Guidance

Typical Ceylon 21 Days 20 Nights tour in Sri Lanka
Typical Ceylon 21 Days 20 Nights

Transport /Accommodation/Guidance

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