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05 Days 04 nights tours - PACKAGE 01

Ceylon Travel Ceylon Silk Route


DAY 01 - Airport to Dambulla

Unforgettable architecture, steeped in history and culture. Built over a thousand years ago by a king hiding from the reckoning of his patricide, Sigiriya (or the “Lion’s Rock”) is a historical site that was once both an ancient castle and impenetrable fortress, with symmetrical water gardens. Your trek up the rock will take you past timeworn paintings of the king’s concubines, and past a gateway guarded by the remains of a giant lion statue that gave the rock its name. You’ll have to climb up around 1,200 steps to reach the top. Sigiriya is one of Sri Lanka’s most iconic attractions, and is definitely not to be missed.

DAY 02 - Dambulla to Polonnaruwa

Visit polonnaruwa the second capital of sri lanka from 1070 A.D to 1235 A.D. polonnaruwa is also a UNESCO world heritage city. You will be able to see the ruins of royal palace king Parakramabahu, Audience hall, the statue of king Parakramabahu, Watadage , Galpotha , Parakrama samudraya witch was built by King Parakramabahu 1 , covers an area of 5940 acres and the elegant lotus pond was built in 12th century. There are also famous monuments of worship such as the Gal Viharaya wich has 4 magnificent carved Buddha statues, Kiri Vehara (the remains of a former Temple of the tooth Relic) and Shiva Temple.  

Minneriya National Park Safari is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. The park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including elephants, water buffalo, crocodiles, and deer. The park is also home to a large number of birds, including peacocks, eagles, and pelicans.

The park is home to an estimated 250 elephants, which gather in large herds during the dry season (May to October). The largest of these herds can number over 500 elephants. The elephants come to the park to drink from the Minneriya tank, a large reservoir that was built in the 3rd century BC.

Minneriya National Park is a truly unforgettable experience. With its large elephant herds, abundant wildlife, and stunning scenery, it is a must-see for any visitor to Sri Lanka.


DAY 03 - Polonnaruwa to Kandy

King Walagamba constructed the Dambulla Rock Temple in the first century B.C. The largest and best preserved cave temple complex, spanning an area of approximately 2,100 m², is the main draw of Dambulla. A UENESCO World Heritage Site is Dambulla. Aside from the 153 Buddha statues dotted around the five caverns and the remarkably maintained paintings, there is nothing quite like the breathtaking vista of the boundless plains and reservoirs.

DAY 04 - Kandy to Bentota

Visiting a tea factory in Sri Lanka is a must-do for any tea lover or anyone who wants to experience the country’s rich history and culture. Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth-largest tea producer, and its lush hill country is home to some of the most beautiful tea plantations in the world. No matter which tea factory you choose to visit, you’re sure to have a memorable experience. Here are a few things you can expect to see and do on a typical tea factory tour – Watch the leaves being withered, rolled, fermented, and dried / Learn about the different grades of tea / Enjoy a tasting of different Ceylon teas.

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a sanctuary for orphaned and abandoned wild elephants in Sri Lanka. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a great place to visit and see these gentle giants up close. The orphanage was founded in 1975 and is now home to over 90 elephants, including many baby elephants. The orphanage provides care and protection for the elephants, as well as a breeding program to help increase the elephant population in Sri Lanka. Visitors to the orphanage can see the elephants being fed, bathed, and playing in the river.

Bentota! The water sports capital of Sri Lanka, famous for its stunning beaches, calm Bentota River, and exciting aquatic activities. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a laid-back sunbather, Bentota has something for everyone. Jet skiing: Feel the wind in your hair and the spray of the ocean as you race across the waves on a powerful jet ski / Surfing: Catch some waves at Bentota’s famous beaches like Bentota Beach and Kaluwella Beach. Lessons and rentals are available for all levels / Snorkeling and diving: Discover the underwater world of Bentota’s coral reefs, teeming with colorful fish and marine life. You can even see turtles and sharks.

The world’s finest white sand beaches are found in Sri Lanka. It has long been a well-known beach location for beach enthusiasts. Savor a mouthwatering feast of sea delicacies while catching a sight of the warm Indian Ocean. In the West Coast, the beach hotels are dispersed from Tangalle to Chillaw. As soon as you step into the stunning blue water, you will fall in love with this idyllic place.


DAY 05 - Transfer to Airport

Take a tour of Colombo’s city.  Located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, Colombo serves as the country’s commercial and business hub. The city’s high-rise office complexes, historic colonial-style buildings, and hotels all merge together. Malls abound in it for shopping. In one area of the city, some of the best colonial-era buildings are still standing. Cargill’s building and a century-old clock tower are two examples. In essence, Colombo is a vibrant mix of three distinct colonial eras combined with rapidly expanding modern urbanization.





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