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Kirinda is a coastal village located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It lies about 10 km South of Tissamaharama and is a beautiful and attractive popular with both foreign and local visitors.
Kirinda is an ideal place to experience scuba diving during the inter monsoon period. The archeologically important diving spots, caves and the Long Basses reef with crystal clear water, vertical walls, shallow water soft corals and also the long sandy beach gives any recreational diver a mesmerizing inspiration to enjoy an unforgettable experience in the pristine waters of Serendib.
The geographical and geological conditions of the area around the Great and Little Basses reef resulted in many unknown sailors going down with their ships and belongings in these blue waters. Hence there are many identified archeologically important old ship wreck sites around the Basses site and there also exists many unknown sites waiting to be discovered.

Therefore as a Maritime Law Enforcement Agency, the SLCG plays a major role to protect these archeologically important wreck sites from treasure hunters and fishermen using destructive fishing methods.

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Marine Ecology

This is the place to see varieties of fish like groupers, moray eels, lobsters, tuna, angelfish, rays, napoleons, coneys, red hind, snappers, parrotfish and millions of other denizens of the ocean and while moving through these waters you can see festoons of black corals and deep water sea fans. Watch out for sea turtles at the Basses. Hawkbill turtles and green turtles are frequently observed here resting in the protection of a ledge.


Fauna and Flora

This is a good place to see marine life like groupers, gray sharks, tuna, angelfishes, rays, giant Maori Wrasses (napoleons), snappers and millions of other denizens of the ocean. Undoubtedly the Basses are the foremost place to dive to witness the vast marine bio-diversity in Sri Lanka.

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